About Us

CoreConnections.org is a social media website that allows individuals, who are living with MS and those who support them, to provide peer-to-peer support through interactive posts, messaging and videos similar to popular social media web sites, yet in a more private and secure environment. The founders of CoreConnections.org have over ten years of experience running an MS support group (Core Connections) out of the Boston area.

The CoreConnections.org interactive web site features topic specific videos of actual Core Connections support group members sharing their insight with registered users of the CoreConnections.org web site.

Core Connections exists to help individuals with MS, their loved ones, and those who support them, to reach beyond the sometimes isolating experience of managing the disease and connect with others who share similar situations, emotions and challenges.

Core Connections is all about community and its ability to empower and positively change the lives of those touched by MS. Core Connections recognizes that MS does not define the person and that this realization may not be possible for some without the support and strength that comes from a group that truly understands and wants to help.

Connect, Communicate, Become!